Live, Work , Play

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Urban sprawl can be a challenge for many communities. Finding the right infill solution cannot only be beneficial to promoting a city’s growth in a smart way, but it can provide unique building options for developers at a lower cost to build and higher potential overall profitability.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, changes in demographics and preferences over the next 20 years including aging baby boomers, new households and one-person households will drive real estate market trends, and infill locations are likely to attract many of these people.

The Urban Tin Bins solution, can be an innovative way to take infill to the next level. The idea is that unusual shaped pieces of land can then become viable assets for housing and retail structures. The versatility of the shipping container options used in Urban Tin Bins, lends itself to a variety of land shapes and sizes.

Want to go big? We will help you create the right kind of environment for your vision. Looking to develop a hip lifestyle complex or a unique townhouse community? Our designs can be adapted to a variety of options. We also understand the type of tenant that will make the right tenant for your Urban Tin Bins community and will provide lessons learned and guidance on getting the right tenant mix for your development.

The sample on the right and the other samples below are renderings of a potential live, work, play spaces that takes up less land acreage while maintaining ample indoor space and unique outdoor space for its tenants.