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Green Jeans Farmery

The versatility of repurposing shipping containers as building materials means that they are a unique solution for developers.

Green Jeans came about to help small businesses and restaurants compete with national chains. It’s a local food, drink and shopping hub that celebrates community and brings together both locals and tourists.

After months of research and site analysis, Green Jeans was built on a small piece of property nestled between motels and warehouse space. Despite its awkward location, there is easy driving, cycling and walking access. Roy saw the possibilities and created the development.

Today it is home to a local brewery, a distillery and a plethora of food choices including, pizza, burgers, Southwestern comfort food, ice cream and more. Green Jeans has become one of the hippest and hottest developments in the Albuquerque Metro area. The two-story complex encircles a large outdoor courtyard with the businesses housed throughout.