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How Does It Work?

Our services range from simple consulting and joint venture possibilities to purchasing sites, bringing together our unique vision with the needs of a community.

Our team can work with you in a variety of capacities. We’re as hands on or hands off as you want.

Tin Bin Procurement

Urban Tin Bins works with a variety of vendors to help procure the right tin bin for your needs. We also have contacts to refurbish the tin bins if you need that as well.

Site Location

We will work with your engineers and architects to assess your site to determine the right Urban Tin Bins solution. This can include a team member visit to review the site you’re considering and recommendations on the best options.

Design Consulting & Space Planning

We will work with you through the process to ensure your Urban Tin Bins vision becomes a reality. This can include making recommendations on best vendors in your area to help the build go smoothly and ongoing consulting to avoid costly mistakes and unneeded expenditures.

Conceptual Brainstorming

Our Urban Tin Bins Team Members will meet with your team to brainstorm what’s possible to turn your residential or commercial project into reality. With decades of experience under our belt, we can save you both time and money with our knowledge and understanding of this unique building material.

Off-The Grid Housing, Retail and Mixed-Use

Want to build a home that is off the grid? We can provide guidance to bring that goal into reality as well. We have a prototype of a 1,920-square-foot home built out of six shipping containers that can be built off the grid, depending on site location.

Community Planning/Development & Tenant Synergy

Want to go big? We will help you create the right kind of environment for your vision. Looking to develop a hip lifestyle complex or a unique townhouse community? Our designs can be adapted to a variety of options. We also understand the type of tenant that will make the right tenant for your Urban Tin Bins community and will provide lessons learned and guidance on getting the right tenant mix for your development.